Agriturismo La Curtis – where beauty reigns supreme

If you could transport a scent into words, perhaps it would do more justice to describe Agriturismo La Curtis than our review ever could. Jasmine, lavender, cherries – these are some of the plants on offer, some of the smells permeating the air, and some of the sweet ‘impressions’ one feels when entering the domain.

Agristurismo La Curtis is inconspicuously wedged in the middle of Ascoli Piceno, an area known for its production of high-quality olive oil. Tucked away on a side road, guests enter a world of beauty, purity and serenity. This impression is courtesy of both the domain and the owners.

The owners, aside from having the quintessential Italian charm, are simply a delight. On any given evening you can hear beautiful melodies both played and sung from their music room that linger slightly in the air – most likely while you are by the pool taking an evening swim or aperitif. Owner Vincenzina oozes kindness, having indulged us with both an aperitif, organic eggs, and letting us know that we could help ourselves to the fruits in the orchard.

The domain itself is much more than a guest house or agritourism business. When at La Curtis, guests feel like they are part of the house and family. We loved the laissez-faire attitude, whereby guests can come and go whenever they please.

The apartments are self-catering with all of the essentials you need either for a long weekend or even a month-long stay. The kitchens are high-end, with all of the utensils for any culinary experimenting you might be inclined to try. The bathrooms are spacious and guests are provided with ample towels. The bedrooms, however, steal the show, featuring ultra-comfortable beds, TVs and ample storage space. They are all extremely functional and dreamy, with stone walls and vistas to die for: the ultimate Italian fantasy (– all too often considered a Tuscan(y) one – is lived out here.)

The rest of the domain is equally beautiful. With orchards galore, consisting of myriad fruit trees (apricots, cherries – you name it), walking the grounds of Agriturismo La Curtis is like walking a blissful dreamscape. Jasmine, roses and lavender are dotted around the domain, ensuring your senses are maxed out in terms of visual and sensual beauty.

We loved the pool area which is the centrepiece of the domain. A dozen loungers, chairs and tables surround the pool, allowing guests to truly spread out and relax. We were incredibly spoiled, being the only guests at La Curtis, and our evening swims, with the pool lights illuminating the gently sloping hills – the incredible ubiquitous vistas – and nothing but gentle bird song, furnishing us with romantic memories that will undoubtedly last a life-time.

La Curtis, however, is a known paradise among the cognoscenti. Participants in a car rally were due to stay at La Curtis the day we left, having booked out the domain, and guides in Dutch are a tell-tale sign that Le Marche and La Curtis are already known and appreciated by those who have stayed before us.

With a promise to return, this slice of utopia was a highlight of our visit to Le Marche.

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