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A chic joint in the D&D Group, Avenue St. James’ is a trendy eatery in the heart of Mayfair. Living up to its sister establishments’ reputation in the group (think Bluebird Chelsea or 100 Wardour Street), Avenue St James has all the trappings of a fantastic venue: tantalisingly tasty food, a rock ‘n’roll-meets-chic Mayfair crowd, an upbeat atmosphere and a prime location.

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The Tastemaker visited Avenue St. James to try their new cocktail menu and to check out what the fuss is all about.

The new cocktail menu, dubbed the ‘Asian and Latin American MYTHS AND LEGENDS Cocktail
concept’, is an exciting collection of exotic cocktails with totally wondrous results.

We sampled the ‘The Aether’ (Casamigos Tequila, Fernet Branca, lime juice and agave syrup garnished with purple shiso leaves and bush Peruvian leaves) and the ‘The Sun’ (Ilegal Joven Mezcal, Diplomatico Mantuano dark rum, lime juice, homemade jalapeño syrup, pineapple juice, Aztech Chocolate bitters garnished with dry pineapple, cherries and set on fire).

The Aether is a dark and stormy cocktail, with the fernet branca rounding off the taste of the tequila, giving a slightly tangy taste and a smooth aftertaste.

The Sun was undoubtedly a lighter cocktail; a melange of Mezcal and dark rum, it is a cocktail that is bound to light up your night!

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Main Course

Following our pre-dinner whetting of the appetite with those delicious cocktails, we then progressed onto the meatier aspect of our visit: food.

We started of with the Grilled asparagus, 63 Arlington White, Shitake Emulsion, Herb Panko and the Heritage Tomato, Avocado, Poached Spicy Kumquat, Thai Asparagus.

The asparagus dish was divine. A soft boiled egg that disintegrates into the mushroom sauce, creating a frothy and moreish sauce to drape the tender asparagus, this was an absolute winner. So much so that we recommended it to the neighbouring table!

The heirloom tomatoes, a less decadent dish, was a reminder that often less if more. The tomatoes, coated in a smooth avocado dressing was a sort of delicious teaser induction to the rest of the meal.

Our main course was the Chateaubriand for two people. Rather than presenting diners with gigantic portions, the chateaubriand meal is a dish that is just so in every way – size, taste and presentation. It is the kind of dish you choose to feel entirely satisfied without over indulging or wanting to top up at home. The meat was succulent and the piece de resistance was the bernaise sauce – the “best” bernaise sauce my companion had ever had to date. Accompanied with jenga block like thick chips and a raw cabbage and carrot salad, the dish is a clear winner and staple of the menu; we hope that it will still be there when we return.

All of this was topped of with a 2007 R. López de Heredia, Viña Gravonia, Rioja, Spain. A robust, slightly minerally and wholesome wine, it is a great choice for a lighter white wine to accompany a heavier dish.

The dessert menu was far too tempting for us to resist. In true Oscar Wilde spirit (“I can resist everything except temptation”) we opted for the Chocolate pave, Hazelnut Ice Cream and Pistachio Mousse, Raspberries and Yuzu. The chocolate pave was a divine chocolate dish without being excessively heavy and the pistachio mousse, a lighter option,




Price: 8/10 – very reasonable for a Mayfair restaurant and the quality of dishes

Atmosphere: 9/10 – one of THE trendy places to see and be seen

Location: – 9/10 – it doesn’t get much better than St. James’ in Mayfair!

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