Glyfada is known at the Knightsbridge of Athens and it is in the centre of this area that you will find some of the trendiest cafes and restaurants in all of Greece. Come Summer, and all the clubs re-located to coast-lined venues for the ultimate summer party.

We spent several weeks in Athens and frequented Baron several times.


Central and chic, it has all the ingredients of a premier establishment. And the fashionistas certainly turn up en masse making this one of the smarter joints in town.

On different ocassions we sampled the caesar salad, omelettes and spanokopita, as well as the oh-so-popular iced coffees.

We have slightly mixed reviews, although positive.

The caesar salad and omelette variations were outstanding. OUTSTANDING. The portions were also extremely generous. The caesar salad was one of the best we’ve had in the world and the omelettes – well, compliments to the chef! Having stayed at 5 star hotels around the world from the Bahamas to Europe to Asia, not one hotel chef has managed to come close to the juiciness of the omelettes. Less you ask, this was not a fluke. Consistently, the omelettes were tantalisingly juicy and bursting with flavour: the ultimate for omelette addicts.


Our one reservation would be some of the fancier snacks, such as the traditional spanokopita. As some of the more expensive dishes (around 8 Euro per appetizer/snack), one would expect an outstanding version of some of the best-known Greek dishes. However, we found these somewhat pretentious (and expensive!) and frankly, not as good as some store-bought ones.

On the whole, all of our experiences at Baron were positive ones and we would return in a heart beat. The memory of the incredible mains are etched in our mind’s tongue and will forever be the new benchmark for culinary excellence. Until next time!

Address: Zisimopoulou 14, Glifada 166 74
Phone: 21 0932 7708

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