bclogoBrown Cow Organics is a small,  family-run business known for the incredible quality of their produce.  Perridge Farm, owned by Judith and Clive Freane is the source of all the goods. Four farms joined together to establish Perridge Farm and together they make up the 480 organic acres situated on the South of the Mendip Hills with wonderful views across the Vale of Avalon to Glastonbury Tor.

Established in 1957, the farm originally had only 100 Guernsey cows and the descendants are now calmly grazing on the lush, organic fields. Guernsey cows – fast becoming a rare breed – are known for the wholemilk that they produce. Because  of their largely grass-based diet, the cows live for many years (- a dairy cow typically living only four).


3cows_DSC5389.altThe multi-purpose farm has a truly inspiring story. Judith Freane took over Perridge Farm in the late ’90’s when her father had decided to move on. Reviving the farm, Judith sought to introduce elements of sustainability to distinguish the farm’s produce as a superior, ethical alternative. Through sheer passion and drive, Judith and her husband Clive have managed to create a diversified, sustainable farm and their business, Brown Cow Organics, has seen continual success due to its unrivaled quality.

The small number of cows produce organic beef, yoghurt, and ethical hide cow accessories such as slippers and hides. The numerous accolades are a testimony to the outstanding quality and care that has gone into every product. To view the awards click here.

The yoghurt, though, is truly something to rave about. The cows produce a flavoursome, organic, superior yoghurt, renowned for its density of nutrients and lack of additives and preservatives.  From live Vanilla, Butterscotch, Raspberry to Blueberry flavours, there are many options. Unlike other brands, Brown Cow Organics keeps the sugar level to a minimum, letting the thick, creamy yoghurt show-off by itself.

155gWe tried the fruit flavoured yoghurts as well as the other flavours (vanilla, butterscotch and natural) and what is most striking is the authentic, unprocessed flavours that seduce the palate: an unadulterated, delicious and utterly delectable product. We were amazed at the thickness of the yoghurts (and their relatively low fat content) and the naturalness of the taste. This is a product we hope to appear in supermarkets and more stockists soon.

The technical bit: The yoghurt is totally natural, non-homogenised, contains less than 4% fat (natural), is suitable for vegetarians, is Gluten and GMO free, rich in Omega 3s and other trace elements (analysis by Bristol University show’s it be very high in Omega 3’s in comparison with other leading brands of organic yoghurt) and is naturally rich in A2 beta-casein protein

Whilst the story is certainly impressive, as is the produce, we admire Brown Cow Organics fully-pledged dedication to clean and green farming.  Whilst they certainly support green initiatives in the upbringing of the Guernsey Cows, this extends to their packaging. Reducing energy costs is at the forefront of their policy and yoghurts are packed in re-useable, 100% re-cyclable pots.

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