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  • Heyland & Whittle’s new Three Wick Candles

    Heyland & Whittle’s new Three Wick Candles

    We bring you our favourite product discovered this week, the sublime smelling three wick candlres by Heyland & Whittle. With the dark, cold nights approaching what could be better than coming home to the welcoming scent of Heyland and Whittles’ brand new three wick candles. Their new scents are a […]

  • Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select: Special edition

    Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select: Special edition

    A SATISFYING SALUTE TO A TIMELESS FRIENDSHIP   The true and timeless relationship between Frank Sinatra and Jack Daniel’s has received a satisfying salute with Sinatra Select. Destined to be remembered as one of the finest releases by Jack Daniel’s, this special edition Tennessee Whiskey celebrates a legendary friendship that […]

  • The Eliris Experience

    The Eliris Experience

    The Tastemaker sampled Eliris olive oil, an independent, organic brand cultivated in Greece.  With its smooth consistency, and sleek bottle designs, we were seriously impressed. Our trial notes, as well as an interview, describing the process and brand, with owner Sam, are below. The Tastemaker Trial We found the olive […]

  • Quintessential olive oil: FIVE

    Quintessential olive oil: FIVE

    The first thing you notice when receiving you FIVE olive oils in the incredible, sleek bottles and their design. It is not merely the design which is so stunning but the smooth texture of the bottle which prepares you for the smooth, spicy oils which will tantalise your palate. Share

  • Scotland’s finest: Smoked Salmon

    Scotland’s finest: Smoked Salmon

    Quality of Quantity is the axiom we’d most likely apply when faced with the finest smoked salmon. It is a cliche that rings hollow in the beyond-luxury hotels which dish this delicacy out as if it were a staple food. But when we’re not travelling – and not over-indulging – which […]

  • Brown Cow Organics

    Brown Cow Organics

    Brown Cow Organics is a small,  family-run business known for the incredible quality of their produce.  Perridge Farm, owned by Judith and Clive Freane is the source of all the goods. Four farms joined together to establish Perridge Farm and together they make up the 480 organic acres situated on […]

  • Small Indulgences: Pierre Hermé’s Macarons

    Small Indulgences: Pierre Hermé’s Macarons

    Pierre Herme’s Macarons are undoubtedly a household name when it comes to Macarons. But what is it about these small bites, these indulgences, which are so tantalizingly and mouth-watering delicious? Share

  • Ballantine’s announces Ballantine’s Brasil

    Ballantine’s announces Ballantine’s Brasil

    Ballantine’s, the world’s No 2 Scotch whisky, has today announced the launch of Ballantine’s Brasil; a brand new spirit drink made with Scotch whisky selectively cask steeped with Brazilian lime peel. The new spirit drink is the latest addition to the Ballantine’s portfolio, and represents an innovative fusion of the […]

  • FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer

    FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer

    The new FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer is simple, sleek and smart, taking many food saver features and making them better. With 3 easy-to-use steps, the FoodSaver V1040 economises time, food and expenses. Share

  • The L.A. Organic: Cuisine Olive Oil

    The L.A. Organic: Cuisine Olive Oil

    More than 200 years ago, at the country estate of La Amarilla, near Ronda (Andalucía), an order of nuns began producing olive oil from the fruit of century-old trees.  The oil from these groves, situated just outside one of the most beautiful and emblematic cities of Andalucía and Spain, has […]