tequilaAquaRiva® Tequila is a premium spirit owned and created by TV star Cleo Rocos. AquaRiva® is a high quality tequila brand, made with the finest natural ingredients: 100% Blue Weber agave and pure spring water from the volcanic highlands of Jalisco in Mexico.

There are three styles” AquaRiva® Blanco, AquaRiva® Premium Reposado which is aged for between 3-6 months in American Oak whiskey barrels and AquaRiva® Handmade Reposado with the agave being picked by hand. Cleo, a recognised Spirits Judge and award-winning Tequilera, set up The Tequila Society in 2008 to inform the UK public about tequila and how to drink it positively. AquaRiva® was introduced to the UK in 2012 after Cleo personally spent 10 months working with Master Blender, Carlos Perez, in Mexico to create this tequila range.

Cleo recently published her book ‘The Power of Positive Drinking’ available from Amazon and launched National Positive Drinking Month in the UK. Cleo says: “My quest is to bring good news to everyone who enjoys a drink and a great drink to everyone who enjoys good news.”

The Positive Drinking Margarita

50ml 100 % Agave AquaRiva Tequila

1–1 1⁄2 limes, freshly squeezed

20ml organic AquaRiva Agave syrup

Wedge of lime

Fill a large tumbler with ice cubes to the rim. Put a large handful of ice cubes in a cocktail shaker. Add all the ingredients and shake fast and hard for five seconds or as soon as the shaker becomes wet and frosted on the outside. Pour into the glass of ice cubes but do not add the ice cubes from the shaker. Finish with a wedge of lime gently squeezed onto the Margarita and place on top of the ice in the glass.


AquaRiva® Blanco: “Best of the Best” tequila.net USA; Gold Medal in The Spirits Business Masters 2013.
AquaRiva ® Reposado: Double Gold Medal in The Spirits Business Masters 2012/13.


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