Four Seasons Bahrain: Fit for a King

If the title does not persuade you of the lavishness of this hotel, then we’ll further explain: the FS Bahrain is, in fact, owned by a member of the Bahraini royal family.


Palatial in proportions and with an attention to the detail to match, the hotel is quite unlike anything we’ve ever seen (or stayed in).

The gigantic lobby, with giant marble slabs framing the large open windows is the general reception-cum-lobby area and sees a bevvy of sophisticated looking guests and visitors lounging around in the opulent space, which is adorned with olive trees, quirky art and kooky adornments.


Equally impressive are the rooms. Everything seems to be supersized: from the King-size bed to the all-marble expansive bathrooms. Particularly noticeable was the tasteful art placed within the full length mirror and the super plush (and comfortable) beds. The view, too, is equally awesome, with rooms overlooking the city of Manama from the comfort of a private island.



The hotel is complex-style in the sense that, due to its large scale, it boasts several restaurant and entertainment areas.

We loved the outdoor pool area. With an infinity pool that traces the edge of the Manamian river – that leads to the ocean – it’s as if you’re swimming through the city. There is a cool terrace area with canopies for guests to while away the time or take meetings. Enticing dishes such as the quinoa, shrimp and avocado salad, or the cheesy nachos, threaten to take up your time as you indulge in a long afternoon feast. Equally tempting is the bar which has the Middle Eastern charm of allowing smokers inside – the perfect environment for a glass of wine and cigar in the late hours.


Another highlight for the gourmand is the breakfast. Almost to the point of bursting, the breakfast is replete with every kind of breakfast offering – from typical Middle Eastern style, to Continental, to Asian. It is a breakfast fit for a king and one that will leave you not only pleasantly full but utterly satisfied.

A hotel, in short, we will be returning to!

Address: Bahrain Bay, المنامة 334, Bahrain

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