Herdade da Estacada – Out among the stars



Let me start by saying that if you’re looking for the bells and whistles of a Four Seasons property, then this probably isn’t for you.

Rather, if you’re looking for a unique experience, then step into the world of Herdade da Estacada.

With only 8 rooms, the herdade has a tendency to become full very quickly. During our time there, a German couple were staying for 15 days; we can’t help but think they have the right idea.


Rooms are accessed by a smooth white corridor with funky tribal masks hanging outside each door as if to ward off evil spirits. The reality of the situation is that you can pretty much leave your door unlocked at all times with nothing to worry about (which is what we did). The only danger in Portugal, host David says, ‘are the women’!

The rooms are vast and clean. They are simple in a charmingly rural way; you have all the requisite furnishings one would expect, including a first-rate bathroom, that many a 5 star hotel would envy. It is the simplicity of it all which is utterly intoxicating. Only the die-hard fans can be seen in the vast, idiosyncratically-decorated living room, connecting to the internet.


The non-addicts enjoy a fabulous technological detox thanks to the lack of ubiquitous internet. This is the ultimate escape!

A little publicised fact, but one that deserves attention and applaud, is that Herdade da Estacada is totally sustainable. Myriad solar panels feed the estate. In fact, they are totally green to the extent that they produce double the energy that they need.

A man-made lake outside, connected to a neighbouring estate’s water supply, is one of the most enticing aspects of staying here. No chlorine, no salt water but a totally clean and fresh swim. Lounging about on one of the sun beds under a cloudless blue sky with nothing but the wind in your ears is a reminder that often some of our greatest experiences in life are also the simplest.

Visual justice is needed for this one:


Host David is pretty accurate when he says the most dangerous thing in Portugal is the women. If you’re lucky enough to sample Maria’s cooking – be it breakfast delights, or a scrumptious evening dinner (in high demand) – then you’ll know you’re in danger of over-indulging. (Although the BBQs commanded by David are a mean contender!)

Together, David and Maria are the perfect hosts. As David said at the beginning, the ethos of Herdade da Estacada is to make you feel at home and to treat it as your home while you’re there. This is exactly what you get – a home away from home whilst exploring Alentejo.

Address: Estrada Nacional 393, km 14.2, 7630-063 Odemira
Phone: 916 880 764



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