Tequilla is a Mexican clear spirit produced from the agave plant indigenous to Central America. It is less well-known than say, vodka or gin (both also clear spirits), but more complex and sophisticated in this writer’s opinion.

Jose Cuervo is an established brand, not only because it’s been around forever, but it also has a song  dedicated to it (“Jose Cuervo, you’re a good friend of mine”, resonates with all Margarita lovers, for example).

True connoisseurs of Tequilla drink it neat, with salt and lime which is, of course, the Mexican way.

Olmeca Altos Plata

We had a tasting of this brand, available at your local Waitrose supermarket if you are UK-based, at just under £20, representing a tremendous value.

Olmeca Altos Plata is characterised by a strong citrus nose that makes you want to reach for a freshly squeezed lemon, a smoky aftertaste that makes you want to have a cigar, and a touch of sweetness that reminds you it is made from the highlands agave, used for the distilling of superior tequillas. It is for lovers of the unadulterated spirit, rather than cocktail drinkers, and hits the spot immediately.  Although lacking somewhat in oiliness, I loved every sip of it and would recommend highly as a great alternative to more conventional tipples – either on its own or accompanied by sliced lemon, pickles or salads. A half tumbler added to a Gazpacho is another firm favourite of mine.


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