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  • A glimpse into Colombia

    A glimpse into Colombia

    Ahhh, Colombia, what have you done to me? I’m sitting here dreaming of you, wishing I could taste you, see you, be there….. It’s the kind of rhapsodical overtures you might want a man to say to you. For us, writing about the tropical, delightful Colombia (a rescue mission for […]

  • Hotel Diez, Medellin, Colombia

    Hotel Diez, Medellin, Colombia

    Diez Hotel in Medellin is a tall, imposing building that is striking given its obvious corporate character. Entering the hotel is a kind of shopping-mall experience: there are myriad restaurants and one extends out in a seemingly open-air style terrace. Bamboo installations-cum-decor creathe a pathway to the check-in. There is […]

  • Exe Santafe Hotel, Bogota, Colombia

    Exe Santafe Hotel, Bogota, Colombia

    The Exe Santafe Hotel is a boutique hotel in the middle of Bogota’s financial district in the North of the City. It makes no bones about being a business traveller-friendly hotel and caters to this market without a fault. The lobby area is tastefully decorated with wooden-pannels and quirky art […]

  • Lifting the lid on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast.

    Lifting the lid on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast.

    It was with a Robinson Crusoe attitude that we ventured into the Costa Rican jungle. Flooded with pictures of the beautiful, wild Caribbean coast (of Costa Rica and Panama), the trip was something we had been dreaming of for a while. We had gone there with guns blazing: we had […]