It is not just interior designer aficionados who visit The Siam in Bangkok – for the hotel has been designed by renowned trendsetter Bill Bensley – but on any given day or night, there is a steady stream of jetsetters, celebrities and even royalty.

What is it that brings people to The Siam? (That is, aside from the 007-esque private boat/pier combo.)

The Siam is more like a members’ club than a hotel. It has all the requisite facilities of a top 5 star hotel (see below) but in addition to this, it is the idiosyncrasies of its make-up and the hotel owners’ personal touch that create an inimitable feeling of home, albeit a particularly luxurious one. Creating such a seductive ambiance is incredibly elusive to most 5 star hotels.

Some of the facilities that contribute to this feeling of being endlessly cosseted include a sprawling private cinema room (replete with popcorn and snack options), a large library, an enchanting music room that leads out onto a beautiful ‘English garden’ and roof terrace, a state-of-the-art gym, complete with a boxing ring and a world class spa.

The personal touch is evidenced by a masterfully curated antiques collection throughout the hotel and the guest rooms, in the style of an idiosyncratic private museum. In fact, every aspect of the hotel is just so, providing an outstanding experience.

Naturally, all this comes at a price

4 coconuts will set you back £36 (compared to the competitive street price of £0.50).

2 teas, a kid’s burger, fries and  popcorn will cost you a hefty £60.

A modest two course lunch will set you back £150 – without the drinks.

Travellers with an unlimited budget wouldn’t necessarily notice, but those who are looking for value might balk at the price tags that transcend geographical and social considerations. Then again, ultimate quality is priceless.