The Tastemaker recently visited Wilton’s in Mayfair for the release of their signature Wilton’s Oyster Masterclass. Wilton’s has long been a culinary institution in Mayfair, and its Oyster Class is sure to entice loyal diners and new ones alike.

The Oyster Class consists of two sections. There are the ‘classic’ oysters that encourage the diner to saver the flesh of the oyster on the palette in order to both identify the taste of the oyster, and one’s preference. Then there is the ‘couture’ selection: a smorgasbord of textures and flavours, dressing up oysters like you’ve never seen (or tasted) before.

The Classics

We were presented with a selection of rock (can be eaten throughout the year) and native oysters, paired with a light 2015 Wiltons Chablis, Domaine Jean Durup from Burgundy.

For the natural – or ‘naked’ – oysters we tried the following:

Jersey Rock
River Yealm
Porthilly Rock – a plump, and decidedly creamy oyster
Loch Ryan Natives No1
Loch Ryan Natives No2

Those that were noticeable were the Porthilly Rock Oyster – a plump, and decidedly creamy oyster that is cultivated and sustainably harvested in Cornwall. On the other end of the spectrum was the Loch Ryan Natives No2, a lean, firm oyster with a purity of flavour.

The Couture

Bulllshot, consommé and horseradish
Beurre blanc, cucumber and caviar
Chilli, pickled red onion and chorizo
“Christian Dior”

All of the oysters from the ‘couture’ selection were delicious, with each flavour enhancing the pure oyster flavour (and texture) without seeking to overwhelm it. The most indulgent was the Christian Dior edition. Featuring sherry, cream, egg yolks, truffle and white whine sauce, it is a decadent tribute to French cuisine if there ever was, all the while honouring the time-old tradition of oyster eating – or should we say indulging!

The couture selection was washed down with a 2015 Sancerre, Domaine Jean Paul Balland from the Loire Valley. Although, in our opinion, the wine is almost superfluous to the scrumptious concoctions that Wilsons have conjured up.

Oyster Masterclasses at Wiltons last for 90 minutes for small groups of six. Starting at 6:00 pm, guests will enjoy an interactive session, a glass of Champagne, two glasses of white wine, and a dozen oysters. Bookings can be made via


Address: 55 Jermyn St, St. James’s, London SW1Y 6LX

Phone: 020 7629 9955