In addition to the pure pleasure of tasting new dishes, see our previous article, research has shown that travellers also get a thrill from taking photos of their food and sharing with others.


This is a growing trend – all of your Instagram users will be aware of this! –  and what better time to get the most beautiful shot then from combining new food and travel. (If you need help organising a trip, see our Tastemaker Tours section!)

From the precision and beauty of gourmet dishes in uptown New York, to the colour explosions in the street stalls of Indonesia, these moments provide the perfect opportunity to create mouth-watering photos for your social feeds.


The nationalities who are snapping and posting the most photos when it comes to fanciful food in reviews, for example, are the artistic English, followed by the tech-savvy Americans and true food aficionados: the Italians.

Top 10 nationalities posting the most photos of food in their reviews:

  1. English
  2. American
  3. Italian
  4. Russian
  5. Chinese
  6. Spanish
  7. Japanese
  8. German
  9. French
  10. Australian


Tips for taking the best food photo that make it look good enough to eat  include:

  • Make the most of the light – natural light is the best light to capture your tantalising dish, pick a seat by a window or in an outdoor area
  • Think about the composition and shape – turn your food into a work of art and try multiple shots at multiple angles
  • Keep the frame clean, tight and focus on the details of the food
  • Don’t overuse filters, let the beauty of the food speak for itself
  • Capture people interacting with food
  • Most importantly, take the photo quickly so you can enjoy your scrumptious photo subject!

What are your favourite food photos? Do you follow any foody instagram accounts?