If you are lucky enough to have been to the Amalfi Coast then you are among the privileged set – those who have seen some of the most beautiful parts of the world. Unfiltered.

We stayed at Hotel Oriente, a quaint hotel in Vico Equense on the Amalfi Coast. Vico Equense may not have received as much attention as Positano or Amalfi itself, but it is just an endearing as any of the other oh-so-pretty towns that line this beautiful stretch of the world.

The Hotel Oriente boasts some of the most incredible views of the Amalfi Coast and all of its unfiltered beauty. Most rooms open up onto an extended terrace with deck chairs for guests to soak up the sun. A quaint hot tub is also on site, for the more romantic evenings.

The rooms are well-sized and well-equipped, with some even featuring bathrooms of epic proportions (including a jacuzzi). Our main criticism, of the spa-like bathrooms, are the lack of a shower and the somewhat temperamental controls of the jacuzzi (which failed to work more often than it did). The rooms, as quaint as they were, were not entirely functional, with the AC oscillating between extreme heat and extreme cold.

As a landing point to the Amalfi Coast, the Hotel Oriente is the perfect gateway to all the beauty and adventure of this part of the world, and a reasonably well-priced one, at that.


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