The Tastemaker recently visited Quattro Passi (read our review here), a rising star in London, prided upon its dedication to authentic Italian cuisine. We took the opportunity to ask Chef Antonio Mellino a few questions about his new restaurant.

Antonio with colanderHaving spent several years of your childhood in Argentina, has any of its cultural influence passed over into your cooking style?

I feel Italian through and through. My family left Argentina when I was very young, so everything I remember learning about food and cooking was in Italy, with Italian produce.  My cooking style and menu really reflects my Italian life!


Most people appreciate basic food. Your combination of simple food combined with quality ingredients embraces this philosophy. Are you considering quirkier dishes for the discerning gourmand?

I love simplicity, we create dishes that appeal to people who know how to enjoy their food, and I wouldn’t say they are necessarily ‘quirky’, that isn’t my style. What we create doesn’t need to reflect the current ‘trend’ although we like to keep abreast of contemporary ideas. We create dishes that elegantly showcase the simple ingredients, and leave you wondering how such simplicity can have so many elements to it. It is clean and fresh.  Our dishes have their roots in the food of the region of Italy that we come from, Campania.


What will differentiate ‘Quattro Passi’ from the myriad other Italian restaurants in London?

I am bringing to London an understanding of the true meaning of Italian fine dining. Not only that, my whole team have honed their skills in Southern Italy, along the Amalfi coast, where my original restaurant, also called Quattro Passi, is situated. The reason we have done this, is because I know that they have a passion for authentic Italian food, and you can taste this in every mouthful.


What is the ‘Quattro Passi’ – or rather, what does the name signify to you?

It’s my family. My wife Rita, my sons Raffaele and Fabrizio, together we are ‘Quattro Passi.   We are all working together at the new restaurant too.

We are the ‘four steps’ that bring you great contemporary, Campanian gastronomy.


How do you describe your food?

It is the true taste of Campania. I create skilfully prepared, yet simple dishes with the freshest Italian ingredients available. I believe the ingredients should speak for themselves which is why I don’t compromise on quality of the produce. You can see this reflected on my menu.

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