foto HeinzBeckHow do you describe your food?

Mediterranean, healthy and well balanced food.

How do you decide in what type of restaurant you want to work?

By my side, every Restaurant represents a great challenge and I consider every place as a source of inspiration.

Society has developed so that it is not necessary to cook at home. Do you think that traditional, homemade cooking will soon become obsolete?

Undoubtedly there is a lack of time to dedicate to homemade cooking due to the work and the stress of everyday life, but I believe it
won’t become obsolete. Just think to the wide range of TV programs about homemade cooking…Should it become obsolete, it would be
a pity as I consider homemade cooking an act of love and time for sharing emotions and feelings.

Do you start with a concept in mind or do you decide based on availability and season of the produce?

My idea of cooking is based on curiosity. For my recipe, I draw inspiration from everything surrounds me and the emotions evoked in me by what I observe. The reality is for me a “palette”, a set of sounds, colors and flavors that helps me find inspiration for my dishes.

Can you share with our readers one simple recipe that best illustrates your style and that they could attempt reproducing at home without being accomplished cooks themselves?

Enjoy my Risotto with olive oil, Grana Padano and vegetables “in pinzimonio”. Buon appetito!

Risotto with olive oil


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Food picture credit: Janez Puksic

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