The Tastemaker firmly believes in variety being the spice of life. Why settle for the best of one when you can have the best of three? That is why, when the chance comes to shake off the familiar comforts of home, most of us are naturally inclined to get on the first flight to somewhere warm and exotic, or dark or adventurous etc…

The problem is, travelling abroad is so much harder to justify when the weather in your own city is practically perfect. The brilliant sunshine currently streaming across London makes a good point for the exception proving the rule when it comes to the ‘grass always being greener’. It’s pretty damn green throughout England right now, which leaves the compulsive travellers amongst us with a serious problem.


The Mile High Dining Club appear to have found an admirable solution to this conundrum. On next Wednesday 1st May, we have been promised an extraordinary compromise: all the genuine experience of a short break abroad, minus the hassle and condensed into a single evening of fantastic food, cocktails and (an intriguing necessity) “a touch of the unexpected”. Oh, and did we mention that it’s much, much more eco-friendly than taking a flight?

Armed with our boarding passes, our team are ready for a flight of the senses as we are transposed, by means of a pop-up location in Central London, to Destination Beirut.


With music also to be served up at the bar after the “four course Levantine feast”, this is surely a dinner club meeting not to be missed. Get your own boarding pass – considerably cheaper and more easily managed than the real thing – via and make your way to Beirut for a night without leaving the green, green grass of home…

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