Walk into Tozi and you’ll know immediately that this is the trendy, go-to place any week night. The brainchild of two ex-Soho House chefs, Head Chef Maurilio Molteni and Daniele Pampagnin, it has a swinging cocktail bar that is packed, while its restaurant offers a Venetian-Italian cicchetti style option. And what style!

Immediately upon entering the restaurant area, you are confronted with a large screen above where all the magic happens – the kitchen (which is on full display) –  which plays romantic black and white Italian films such as La Dolce Vita. A nice touch, providing an atmosphere of relaxment juxtaposed against the buzzy vibe of Tozi.

LNUK_53412128_Tozi_RestaurantThe restaurant has a fantastic and extensive wine list of classic Italian wines. If that is what you’re looking for – some luscious Italian chianti or otherwise – then look no further!

We started with a plethora of salads: Avocado, Parmesan, radish and baby gem salad, Roast fennel, carrots, beans & spelt salad and pickled mushroom, endive, quail eggs & black truffle salad. The salads were just so. Lightly seasoned and tasteful, each one was filling and the perfect healthy option and entree to the other dishes.

tozi-london-england-16115-1374513621These salads were followed by the mouth-watering tuna tartare, chilli, lime and rocket, and gratinated scallops, Venetian style. The tartare, in small cubes, was melt-in-your-mouth delicious with subtle citrus hints and the scallops were delicately cooked to perfection – one of the best we’ve had in London.

The piece de resistance, though, was the crab ravioli, tomato and basil. It may sound a little….different, and that it was! The tender ravioli gave way to the delicate crab meat and, sprinkled with basil amid a bed of tomato sauce was just heaven. This is a must try (order two)!

For dessert we sampled the irresistible hazelnut & chocolate tart with fior di latte ice cream – the other winner of the meal. The tart was so good that we have to finish it to the last morcel. Rich – but not overly so or sweet for that matter – the tart was nutty and had a firm consistency. This is a serious contender to all the patisseries out there!


Tozi is many things – a trendy bar, a delicious eatery, a quirky venue. If it is one thing though, it is the place to try when next in London!

Address: 8 Gillingham St, London SW1V 1HJ

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