We design itineraries tailored to client’s interests.
– Gastronomy and fine wines
– private art events, collectors, artist studios visits
– shopping; privately recommended hidden gems/local boutique designers.
– Visits to privately owned estates, yachts, islands, beyond 5* hotels
– Special interests explorer trips (privately led safaris, bareback riding, adventure/ecological/philanthropy trips)

We are not a concierge service. Through our ultra high end publication BBeyond Magazine, we personally know the owners of all of the above and many of them are personal friends. In short, we offer experiences money alone cannot buy.  We have endorsements from a number of high profile clients. The Tastemaker trips allow for social interaction with and introductions to other high profile individuals.

As part of an international media and communications group, The Tastemaker explored the world and experienced first-hand the ultimate in high quality travel. We also have access to concessionary prices that are exclusive to us and our previous clients would vouch for this. All you need to decide on is when and where you wish to go.


We offer a high quality experience with an expert guide who will organise and adapt the itinerary to your needs. They will organise the experience and remain attentive to any requests that you may have.  The guide will be well versed both in local practices and customs as well as being well equipped with the languages required for communication.  We can organise the ultimate culinary experiences in the world’s most famed establishments or an authentic dining experience in a local setting. Any requests for specific reservations will be honoured.

From organising and booking flights, drivers and even chartering private planes and yachts, all you need to decide on is when and where you wish to go. We will present you with several itineraries which can be finalised; these will include details on where you stay, estimated costs – inclusive or exclusive of travel fares – and any other essentials.


Because of the concessionary agreements we have in place and because we travel in small groups (10 on average) we can negotiate better overall inclusive costs for you, the client. We save you time, hassle and money. Try us and you’d be pleasantly surprised.

In order to obtain an obligation free quote however, you need to sign up to our website. Becoming a Tastemaker website is free but carries a lot of privileges such as complimentary invitations to exclusive events and tastings.

Join The Tastemaker.




– 美食和精製好酒
– 私人藝術活動,收藏家和藝術家工作室參觀
– 購物,本地精品和知名設計師之旅
– 私人別墅,遊艇,海島,beyond*旅館
– 特殊興趣探索之旅(私人帶領行程,無鞍騎馬,生態/慈善旅程)

我們不是一個禮賓服務組織。透過我們超高端的刊物BBeyond雜誌,我們親自知道所有以上 業主,其中不少是私人朋友。總之,我們能提供給您的經驗是單靠金錢買不到的。我們擁有一 些高端客戶的代言,以及在Tastemaker行程中可以帶給您和其他高調社會人世交往的機會。

身為國際媒體和通信組的一部分,Tastemaker具備探索世界的豐富經驗,以及擁有第一手最 高品質的旅遊知識。我們也有機會帶給您我們獨有的優惠價格,這是我們一直已來的諾言。只 要選擇我們,您接下來唯一需要做的決定是在您想要在何時探索何地。
後勤  我們可以提供給您最高品質的體驗和專家指導,全依照您的需求。我們的導覽將會籌辦您的體 驗,且全程聆聽您的請求。導覽務必有各地風俗民情的知識,以及據有所需的語言能力。我們 可以提供給您最完整的美食體驗,不管在世界上最有名的機構或在當地的用餐經驗。我們可以 實現任何訂位請求。

從籌辦及預訂機票,司機甚至包租私人飛機和遊艇,您只需要決定時間旱地點,剩下的您可安 心的交給我們處理。首先我們將會為您準備幾個不同的初步行程,這些將包括您停留的地方,估計成本 – 包括或不包括旅遊車費 – 和任何其他務必事項。依照您個人喜歡和需求,我們接下 來將會為您呈現詳細的行程內容。 費用

由於我們擁有的優惠協議,和我們提供的小團體活動(平均10人),我們可以為您商量最低 和最整體包含費用。我們不只會為您承擔麻煩,也會幫您節省時間和金錢。我們的服務和旅程 會帶給您驚喜。