Memories become cloudy over time. But important moments in history can prompt a fond trip down memory lane – what better stimulus than a newspaper to offer a window into how the world once was?


Newspapers from the day you were born offer unrivalled insight into the past, with personalised certificates of authenticity for extra nostalgic charm. From keepsake presentation cases filled with up to 7 newspapers from several dates of your choosing to special birthday books commemorating the best years of your life, you can create a gift that’s filled with sentiment and meaning. Many of our original newspapers can be teamed up with a bottle of fine wine or aged quality spirit, including Taittinger Champagne, Premier Cru Chablis, Vintage Bordeaux wine and more delectable tipples.

For more niche newspaper gifts, our newspaper sports books – available for over 60 football teams, Formula 1, boxing, cricket and more – are each updated with the latest articles, player profiles and interviews every year. A delightful way to relive all those glorious highs, and even the lows.

Historical events that shook the world are immortalised in our newspaper history books. Moments that must not be forgotten, parallel with historical figures who have shaped the way we see the world, can be remembered like never before. From devastating World Wars, figures like Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana, to cultural icons like David Bowie, our newspaper books look back on their legacies, still significant today.


Every newspaper in the archive is carefully stored and preserved under optimum conditions at our archive located in Scotland’s national book town. The popularity of giving and receiving original newspapers continues to rise as their rarity increases. This, in turn, further increases both the monetary and sentimental value for the owners. As only genuine originals are held in the archive, with no copies created, once an original newspaper title for a certain date has been sold, it’s unlikely to be replaced.

All of our individual newspapers and newspaper books are preserved by stunning presentation options. Exclusive wooden gift boxes, to deluxe presentation folders made to the highest quality, will protect your newspapers in transit for years to come. Wrapped and ready, our personalised newspaper gifts are the ideal present for any recipient, perfect to commemorate milestone birthdays, anniversaries and weddings.


Newspapers are one of the most valuable sources of history; opening up forgotten eras, looking back on momentous figures with a unique and unrivalled insight. Take a step back in time and enjoy the view with a gift that will be cherished and enjoyed by future generations for years to come.