If sushi is what you like, and in copious amounts, then BuyAGift‘s voucher of ‘unlimited sushi and bottomless drinks‘ at Inamo, is bound to leave you satisfied.


Techno-phobes beware! For those that struggle with technological challenges, Inamo could be trying. The restaurant features interactive menus/gaming on the dinner table, allowing for instantaneous ordering and a dynamic experience. We personally loved the novelty factor, and though at times challenging, thought the simplicity genius.

A few minutes after our first order, the dishes started to arrive. There is a buzz in the restaurant and energies are high; we love it.

The food itself was a mixed bag. Certain classics such as the edamame and spring rolls were perfected and incredibly moreish. A highlight (that we ordered on repeat!) was the sumptuous beef tataki, seared to perfection in a delicate lime sauce.


Other dishes such as the tuna sushi were a little lackluster in taste and reminiscent of an Itsu meal, perhaps due to the fact that a lot of the diners were almost competing to eat as much as they could, creating a conveyor-belt scenario.

However, in terms of bang for your buck (£84 for two with unlimited food and drinks), this is definitely a meal that is hard to beat. Our neighbours who were unaware of BuyAGift’s offer claimed they would ‘definitely be back’! – an endorsement hard to beat.

Address: 134-136 Wardour St, Soho, London W1F 8ZP
Phone: 020 7851 7051

Voucher offer: https://www.buyagift.co.uk/food-and-drink/unlimited-asian-tapas-and-sushi-with-bottomless-drinks-for-two-at-inamo-br-10775203.aspx





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