Nestled atop the sloping hills of Procida, the smallest and least well-known of the islands off the Neapolitan coast, La Suite Hotel & Spa offers luxury equal to the top establishments on the neighbouring Capri without the pretension or throngs of tourists. They provide tranquillity and tradition: the cluster of buildings at the end of a narrow, leafy road are the renovated palace of a XVIII century noblewoman and the white-washed exteriors and simple, elegant décor pay tribute to the organic architecture of the island.

l'hotel di notte

The hotel and spa are surrounded by a 5,000 square metre private garden where many of the ingredients used in the restaurant are grown. La Suite have shipped in a top-class chef from Capri to run their restaurant with the hope of making it a more central feature of the hotel and enticing both guests and outsiders. “The menu is simple and based around the typical products of the island,” says Naples-born chef Ciro Vavala. “I provide a modern twist on traditional cooking.”


Vavala certainly stays true to his promise. The dishes are delicate and fresh – no surprise considering their components travel “zero kilometres” from source to kitchen. Even the wines are locally produced. “We serve a typical wine from Procida,” Vavala explains. “We like to keep everything from the region.”


Lemons are the island’s signature food and the hotel serves an excellent lemon sorbet – a great treat to enjoy by their spacious poolside area. Rows of comfy deck chairs surround the sizable pool with a bar at one end serving cocktails and snacks.


The spa comprises several stone-walled rooms in the basement of the hotel. The main area is fitted with a sauna, hamman, Jacuzzi and an aromatherapy “emotional shower” room. An array of facial and body treatments are offered and there is also an outdoor fitness area with basic equipment.

terrazzo suite

Fusing innovation and tradition, unburdened by the crowds of Capri, and boasting a fully equipped spa and re-vamped high-end restaurant, La Suite Hotel & Spa is the perfect place for relaxation and laid-back luxury.

Address: Via Flavio Gioia, 81, 80079 Procida Napoli, Italy
Phone:+39 081 810 1564