Imagine Belshezzar’s feast (but without the calamitous ending). Les Grands Buffets in Narbonne is an empyrean feast fit for the Gods.

All that is best of the Languedoc region is presented, buffet-style, and in copious amounts. Oysters, foie gras, bone marrow, juicy salads, lobster a l’americaine, steak tartare, a tantalising array of various deserts, a choice cellar of wines….it’s all there and for the price of 30Euros you can have whatever you want, and as much of it as you want.


Our initation to Les Grands Buffets started with a tour of the kitchens. The kitchens are high-tech in the extreme, with art implemented in the kitchen stations and spick-and-span clean to the extent that not a morsel is seen on table top or floor. Impressive, considering the conveyor-belt style operation there.

The dining areas consist of several ornate rooms and an enticing outdoor terrace that beckons you to spend hour upon hour sampling each delight of the buffet…..which is exactly what we did.


Our fish courses consisted of fresh langoustine, on-order monkfish, lobster, and various pates/creams. A vertiable sea food odyssey, the freshness of fish is utterly remarkable.


Our meat sampling was the delicious steak tartare. Chefs are on hand to create any order you wish – poultry, meat or fish, all are cooked on the spot and to your specifications.


Beyond the fish and meat selections, there are various cooked and raw vegetable dishes (the delicious ratatouille, for example) 45 cheeses, 9 variations of foie gras, unlimited spices and tapenades and….wines.


Les Grands Buffets offer a comprehensive selection of vin from the Languedoc-Roussillon (which is the biggest regional producer of wine in the world, including the famous rose). The wines are offered at cave prices and can be ordered by the glass or bottle. The ultimate indulgence.

As if to trump the wine selection, the dessert selection is temptation in itself. From unlimited macarons, to champagne ice cream, this is as good as it gets.


Address: Espace de Liberté, Rond-Point de la Liberté, 11100 Narbonne
Phone: 04 68 42 20 01

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