Mykonos has long been the destination for the trendy and ‘it’ crowd. It is, however, the tastemakers who have made this one of THE summer destinations to go to – and the crowd inevitably follows.


Despite the current economic and political landscape of Greece, Mykonos has remained a law unto its own, continuing to draw in international crowds and with a price-tag to match. It is this steady influx of globetrotters that has sustained and even increased interest in this windy and beautiful island.

The trendsetters such as Dimitris Christoforidis are those who establish the coolest venues. His latest venture is SantAnna, a sprawling multi-experiential adult playground that is one of the newest developments in Mykonos. Wedged between Scorpios Mykonos and Kalua Beach Bar Restaurant on Paraga Beach, SantAnna incorporates the best of the best, allowing you to maximise on your day’s experience in Mykonos. From the cool boutiques, such as Wanderlista, to the scrumptious organic menu that is created and curated by chef Christos Athanasiadis, to the saltwater pool bar and A-List international music acts, a day at SantAnna will leave you relaxed, dazzled and just that little bit more in love with Mykonos than you were when you arrived.

santanna resort


We spent a day at SantAnna experiencing full throttle the delights that await you.


We loved the saltwater pool that curves around the resort and the VIP islands with their underwater lairs. The pool bar is one of the most enticing aspects of the pool but if you crave the sea, SantAnna have colonised their own beach front area just behind.

The food was nothing short of outstanding. Not that we’d expect anything less from the creator of the Nice ‘N Easy Group.

Nice ‘N Easy have established a reputation as the leading organic restaurant group in Greece and this is due to the fact that each dish is exceptionally delicious and puts many a Michelin star restaurant to shame.

We degustated both menus at SantAnna as the ultimate acid test to see if standards were upheld. They were exceeded.

From the Mediterranean menu we sampled the Lobster and zucchini spaghetti salad, rock prawn tempura and rocket salad with parmesan and pine nuts.

Our liquid initiation was the Pink Lady smoothie. Hands down one of the best smoothies we’ve ever tried, this is a microcosmic concoction of all that is delicious, wholesome and utterly addictive. We loved the tastiness of it coupled with the health factor (the smoothie is just berries and yogurt). A must try!

Our lunch was equally delicious. The tender lobster salad zucchini salad, with a delicate lime sauce draping it was incredibly moreish. We loved the rock shrimp tempura and the rocket salad for their lightness as much as for their succulent flavours.

Our sushi samples were the California Roll, special Fuji roll and a selection of sashimi. The California roll, whilst tasty, was inferior to the chef’s special Fuji Roll. The Fuji Roll, an amalgamation of avocado, cucumber and onion was topped with a creamy mixed tartare.



This special dish oozed various flavours – parmesan, truffle and chilli – creating a harmonious and holistic whole that deserves to be one of their ‘signature dishes’. This was some of the best sushi, arguably, in Greece. The sashimi was noteable for its freshness – something that London restaurants can’t compete with.

The verdict:

Culinary excellence is top of the list – almost a given given the credentials of the Nice ‘N Easy group. The atmosphere is one of relaxation and temptation and the resort is nothing short of fabulous.

In short, if you’re looking for that WOW factor in Mykonos, then head to SantAnna.


Address: Paranga Beach, Mikonos 846 00, Greece
Phone: +30 2289 025805

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