Diez Hotel in Medellin is a tall, imposing building that is striking given its obvious corporate character. Entering the hotel is a kind of shopping-mall experience: there are myriad restaurants and one extends out in a seemingly open-air style terrace. Bamboo installations-cum-decor creathe a pathway to the check-in. There is hustle and bustle and there is noise. Not too much, however, and that’s what’s nice about it and makes it alive.


We liked the easiness of checking-in as well as the can-do attitude of staff here.

Located in the best (read safest) area of Medellin, that is Poblado, it is the best base from which to explore the jungle-city. There are myriad boutique shops around Poblado, as well as quirky eateries (the best is Delirio: Exquisito – perhaps the name says it all here) In general there is a nice community buzz about the area that makes it so pleasant.


Rooms are large and the beds are comfortable – the stuff any business traveller requires. The views are awesome. If you’re looking for a birds-eye view of Medellin then this is the place to be.

The spa is small, ting in fact, but the views are truly amazing. You can sit from the jacuzzi or, like we did, in the swing chair, and be mesmerized by the rain that seems to water the jungle-city below. Or, if you’re an exercise-junkie, you can seemingly run over the entire city, with the view from your treadmill transcending the cityscape.


All in all, a pleasant hotel and excellent base for your Medellin adventures!


Address: Cl 10A #34-11, MedellĂ­n, Antioquia, Colombia


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